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Putting our expertise in physical science, venerable technology and technical communication to work for you:


We are awash in information these days but it is often scattered and confused, sometimes difficult to understand if you’re not an expert.  We can pull together a concise explanation to make complex subjects clear.  Capturing Color in Photography is one example.  More on Explanation


If you don’t have an expert’s background, sometimes you’re forced to take an announced result in a technical field on faith (or not).  We can use well-developed tools in science and mathematics to evaluate the matter, putting science at your service.  More on Evaluation

Use that camera!

Or slide rule, or sextant, or. . .threecameras

You may have a serious historical interest in venerable technology, or perhaps you’re just curious about that intriguing device back there in the storage closet.  We can show you how they work and have them functioning in your hands, whether you decide to go back to your iPhone after one roll of film or continue with a different way of doing things.  If you don’t have an example on hand we can provide several options.  This person-to-person service is only available in the Washington, DC area so far.  More on venerable technology



Jefferson Memorial in blue, green and red






Why Five Colors? The same scene looked at in different ways: first, a normal color picture created from separate blue, green and red exposures; next, in the ultraviolet, blue and green; last, in green, red and infrared.  When you look beyond the familiar three colors to five, you see new things.  This also shows the appropriate use of venerable technology, in this case a film camera.  Performing a five-color analysis with any normal digital camera is impossible without drastic modification.

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Updated: 13 March 2017