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The information you need is almost certainly out there, whatever your question or area of interest.  But if you’re venturing into an unfamiliar field it can be hard to make sense of it.  What you need may be scattered in many places, or not very clear to you even when you find it.  We have many years of experience in explaining complex technical and scientific matters to all kinds of audiences, from professional scientists to the general public.

For example: one client, working with the reproduction of works of art in the proper colors, asked for an explanation of what goes on inside his camera.  He wanted something informal in tone and acessible to people without an extensive scientific background.  Our astronomer produced Capturing Color in Photography to our client’s complete satisfaction.


In principle, any scientific result should be transparent: you should not have to take anything on trust.  In practice, few people have the scientific or mathematical background to evaluate a highly technical assertion.  Let us use the tools of physical science in your service, to separate the true and the possible from the balderdash.

Some past results:

  • A proposed gravitational-wave communication technique was referred to us by a scientist without a strong background in General Relativity.  We were able to show that it is not viable.
  • Can liquid sodium exist in space?  Wouldn’t it freeze or evaporate?  We found that it’s possible for the metal to stay liquid, even in a vacuum, though for how long depends sensitively on things like how clean the outer skin is.

(For copyright reasons we unfortunately cannot provide the full documents in these cases.)

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Updated: 24 May 2016