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shuYou’re an excellent writer of fiction, having mastered the arts of plot, character and dialogue.  You have creativity to burn and are in the process of constructing your own fictional world.

You do know it has to be believeable–as soon as a reader says, “That can’t happen,” you’ve lost.  That’s true for the laws of nature as well as the psychology of the characters.  But being a consummate artist, you may not be an expert scientist as well.  That’s where we come in.

For science fiction writers, we can examine your orbital mechanics, astrophysics and Relativity (easy to make mistakes there, if you don’t do the equations).  We can even put some limits on the kind of weather to expect on your planets.

Not only science fiction, though.  We can tell you what stars to put in your modern or historical sky.  We can help you avoid the mistake of the playwright who had Wallenstein looking through a telescope at Saturn in Cassiopeia, where it never goes.  (Perhaps your writing can overcome such a detail.  But someone who’s recently had an astronomy class wonders why you’re talking about something you know nothing about.  Why risk it?  You use a spell-checker, don’t you?)  And we have expertise in astronomy, physics, chemistry, maritime matters and more; consult “About us” for a run-down.

You may have a specific question.  Or you may simply want your work checked for consistency.  Let us know what you need using the Contact Us form, or send an email to

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Updated: 9 May 2016