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After many years of informal and ad hoc explaining and evaluating science plus using cameras, the consultants of Five Colors Science & Technology have now decided to make our expertise available to a general audience.

Our consultants have undergraduate degrees in physics and chemistry, a masters-equivalent in mathematical physics and a doctorate in astronomy.  We have alumni from the US Naval Academy as well as the University of Cambridge.  We have a licensed Merchant Marine captain and Marine Engineer (diesel and steam).  We’ve done practical and theoretical work in climate and weather, as well as supporting international development.

Our areas of particular ability include

  • Physical science, centered on astronomy and physics;
  • Teaching, from formal university-level classrooms to week-long corporate courses to informal encounters with the general public;
  • Writing and communication, from short essays to a highly-regarded book;
  • Succesful use of our dozen film cameras (as well as others on loan) ranging in complexity from a 1930s Kodak Brownie to a sophisticated Contax SLR.

Among them our consultants can use resources in three languages (English, Spanish, French) and are a bit less able in two more (Russian, Scots Gaelic).  One has dabbled in Old English, which is unfortunately not as useful for science & technology.  The Library of Congress, the National Archives and other resources are at hand for in-depth research.

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Updated: 9 May 2016