Using that camera

The best way to learn something is to do it yourself.  Here we show one of our photo-expeditions–and one using a sextant!

Jen is using a Vest Pocket Kodak from the 1920s-30s; Stacy has two cameras from the 1950s, a Brownie Hawkeye Flash and a Ciro-Flex.  The weather was cool and occasionally rainy, a feel easy caught by the black-and-white film.  Some thoughts on the expedition have appeared in our blog.  The pictures of Stacy and Jen were taken with a Kodak Retina Ia.

Before anything, you have to load film in the cameras.  Click on this link to see how Stacy loads the Brownie:


Loading the Ciro-Flex is very similar:


And now we’re ready to go out and shoot some film.


Bill bought a sextant because it’s a beautiful instrument.  He was surprised to learn that he could actually use it for navigation!  Taking the altitude of the Sun is only the first step, though, and finding one’s latitude by Local Apparent Noon requires a bit of figuring.

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Updated: 24 May 2016