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Featured gallery:The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

On a visit to Staffordshire, England, we had a chance to see an ancient piece of English folklore: the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance.  The characters include the Hobby Horse, the Boy, Maid Marian (a middle-aged man!) and the horn-bearers.  Those are reindeer horns, dated by radiocarbon to Norman times.  There haven’t been reindeer in Staffordshire for much longer than that.

The Kodak Brownie goes out in the snow

The Brownie Hawkeye Flash, being made of plastic and of very simple construction, isn’t hurt if it gets a little wet or cold.

We visit Lincoln and Ely to marvel at Gothic architecture

The wide eye of the Rolleiflex works well with the lines and curves of Gothic.

Art and Business

Our photographer shows how the Leica revolutionized candid photography by taking his 1934 model to the holiday kickoff meeting of the Alexandria Small Business Development Center; and to Art on Tap, an annual event combining art, food and beer, put on by the Art League.

Brownie Hawkeye camera

Brownie Hawkeye Flash Gallery

Kodak Retina Ia camera

Kodak Retina Ia Gallery

Agfa rangefinder camera

Agfa Super Silette Gallery

Rolleiflex TLR camera

Rolleiflex 3.5T Gallery

Contax 139 SLR camera

Contax 139 Gallery

Brownie Hawkeye Flash

Kodak Retina Ia

Agfa Super Silette

Rolleiflex 3.5T

Contax 139

Combined Gallery

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