Pricing and conditions

The fine print section

Each Explanation or Evaluation service is priced individually, based on estimated hours of consultant time.  When you have provided us with your requirements and we have determined that they lie within our competence, we will return an estimate of the total cost.  A portion of the cost, normally a one-hour billing, is due initially; your payment of this constitutes an agreement on our part to perform the service, and on your part to pay the final invoice upon completion.  If the final cost will vary by more than 20% from the estimate, we will contact you as soon as possible to determine whether you want to change the scope of the service to keep it within the estimate.  (We have not yet had to invoke this clause.)

The initial evaluation of a camera or other device under Use that camera! is free.  The supervised picture-taking expedition will normally be billed as a single hour, regardless of how long it lasts, payment being due in advance.  If your camera is one of the highly automatic ones and you’re not interested in learning much of its capabilities, we can get you started (how to turn it on and use the automatic mode) for half price.

If desired, we can provide some kinds of film, batteries and other materials at cost.  Necessary repairs are your responsibility, though we can advise on what they may be and how to get them done.

Articles other than cameras in Use that camera! will be priced individually (slide rules will be cheaper, sextants more expensive) and the procedures followed will vary.

Methods of payment

In person we accept credit cards or cash, at your convenience.  For remote services we will send you an electronic invoice by email, which can be paid using a credit card or PayPal account.

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Updated: 13 March 2017